Vibration isolator for fcu installation

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Technical Support:. If the indicated information is available, the selection of an isolator will be greatly enhanced. The theory that follows in a further section is academic if the information to apply it is not available.

In the process of deciding on a vibration isolator for a particular application, there are a number of critical pieces of information which are necessary to define the desired functionality of the isolator. Some items are more critical than others, but all should be considered in order to select or design the appropriate product.

Weight, Size, Center-of-Gravity of the Equipment to be Isolated — The weight of the unit will have a direct bearing on the type and size of the isolator. The size or shape of the equipment can also affect the isolator design since this may dictate the type of attachment and the available space for the isolator. The center-of-gravity location is also important as isolators of different load capacities may be necessary at different points on the equipment due to weight distribution.

The locations of the isolators relative to the center-of-gravity — at the base of the equipment versus in the plane of the C. Types of Dynamic Disturbances to be Isolated — This is basic to the definition of the problem to be addressed by the isolator selection process. In many installations of military electronics equipment, random vibration tests have become commonplace and primary military specifications for the testing of this type of equipment such as MIL-STD have placed heavy emphasis on random vibration, tailored to the actual application.

Other equipment installations, such as in shipping containers, may require significant amounts of sinusoidal vibration testing. Shock tests are often required by many types of equipment. Such tests are meant to simulate those operational e. Static Loadings Other than Supported Weight — In addition to the weight and dynamic loadings which isolators must react, there are some static loads which can impact the selection of the isolator.

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An example of such loading is the load imposed by an aircraft in a high-speed turn. This maneuver loading must be reacted by the isolator and can, if severe enough, necessitate an increase in the isolator size.

These loads are often superposed on the dynamic loads. Allowable System Response — This is another basic piece of information. In order to appropriately isolate a piece of equipment, the response side of the problem must be known.

The equipment manufacturer or user should have some knowledge of the fragility of the unit. This fragility, related to the specified dynamic loadings will allow the selection of an appropriate isolator. This may be expressed in terms of the vibration level versus frequency or the maximum shock loading which the equipment can endure without malfunctioning or breaking. The specification of allowable system response should include the maximum allowable motion of the isolated equipment.

This is important to the selection of an isolator since it may define some mechanical motion limiting feature which must be incorporated into the isolator design. In order to isolate to a certain degree, it is required that a definite amount of motion be allowed. Problems in this area typically arise when isolators are not considered early enough in the process of designing the equipment or the structural location of the equipment.

Ambient Environment — The environment in which the equipment is to be used is very important to the selection of an isolator. Within the topic of environment, temperature is by far the most critical item. Thus, it is quite important to know the temperatures to which the system will be exposed. The majority of common isolators are elastomeric. Elastomers tend to stiffen and gain damping at low temperatures and to soften and lose damping at elevated temperatures.

The amount of change depends on the type of elastomer selected for a particular installation. Other Environmental Effects — Effects from humidity, ozone, atmospheric pressure, altitude, etc. Some external factors that may not be thought of as environmental may impact on the selection of an isolator.If the source of compressed air is removed, the Optical Tabletop will lower until it securely rests on the supports and the table will no longer be isolated from floor vibrations.

Our AVI Series active optical table supports can be used to significantly reduce the vibrations transmitted to an optical table setup in a noisy environment. Specially designed for Interferometry and other high vibration sensitive experiments. Ours is an organisation dedicated for the design, development and manufacture of optics, opto-mechanics, educational products and positioning devices. We have in-house infrastructure capabilities for all the processes involved in the manufacture of our products.

This helps us to have total control of quality in our products and services. Our core competency is in prototype development and low volume production of opto-mechanical devices and systems where skilled labour is the major input. Our location in INDIA enables us to be the most cost effective in this field of activity compared to any other company in the world. The products described in this website constitute only the standard items we manufacture for research and industrial market.

We also undertake contract manufacturing of opto-mechanical products in standard and custom specifications. We try improving the quality of our products for every consignment we dispatch.

vibration isolator for fcu installation

Our customers can expect to receive better products each time a purchase order is placed with us. Our strength is our satisfied customers worldwide. We request your continued support in our endeavor to serve you better. We value the feedback on our products and services. Please mail us to mail holmarc. We thank you for taking time to visit our website and await for an opportunity to be at your service in near future. Industrial Estate, H. O Kalamassery, Kochi -Kerala, India. Purchase Orders: Written, faxed and e-mail purchase orders are accepted.

All orders require immediate written confirmation. Product warranty: Our warranty for all our mechanical components and systems are ONE year from the date of shipment. Repair or replacement will be made free of charge for products with defects in material and workmanship during this period. For our optical components, our warranty is 30 days from the date of shipment. Defective items will be replaced free of cost.

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The customer must notify any defect in optical components within 48 hours of receipt. For all warranty replacement, a written statement with an authorized signature indicating the reason for rejection attaching test reports are requested to accompany the returned parts. All defective items must be returned in their original shipping container within 10 days of the date of shipment.

Customers paying by international wire transfer must prepay all bank charges including all charges imposed by correspondent or intermediary banks. The date of delivery is only an estimate and we will have no liability for late or partial deliveries. Catalog items are normally shipped immediately from inventory.

In the event that the items is out of stock, an estimated delivery date is given at the time of order. Most items can be shipped within 45 days.

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Installation: Onsite installation of our equipment's can be provided on buyer's account. Specifications: HOLMARC reserves the right to modify, change or otherwise improve all items in the catalog specifications without prior notice. Taxes: We collect general sales tax on shipments, unless the purchaser supplies us a signed official sales tax exemption certificate with the order.Pab Asteasu E, Gipuzkoa. Spain Tel.

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The integrated accelerometers of your phone are capable of making an FFT measurement where you will be able to see what are the main frequencies that you need to isolate. According to the technical parameters of your application, several options will be shown to you.

The online access to technical datasheets will give you a deep understanding of the mount that you are interested in. This demo video explains how it works to the user. The menu is simple and user friendly. If you already know the frequency of your application, you can skip the measurement and get the results faster.

Vibration isolator Pro is free and will always be free. We are not going to sell ads or introduce subscription fees. For real-time support, send us a message directly to our support staff. You can also email us at info mecanocaucho.

Vibration Isolator Pro

Complete range of spring mounts for industrial acoustics, where high degree of isolation is required. Vibration Isolator Pro. Vibration Isolator Pro Discover the app that helps you to find the correct Vibration isolator for your application. Let your phone discover the main disturbing frequencies of your application The integrated accelerometers of your phone are capable of making an FFT measurement where you will be able to see what are the main frequencies that you need to isolate.

Select the mount that suits best your installation According to the technical parameters of your application, several options will be shown to you. Simple and easy! Rubber to metal vibration isolators Wide range of elastomeric anti vibration mounts for industrial applications.Not all problems can be solved with rubber isolation pads.

On page 2 we have indicated that the cut off point for rubber bearings is about 5. This would mean that the incoming frequency should not be lower than The efficiency equation is based on the assumption that a structure is a lumped mass or a block of concrete that has no flexibility and an infinite resonance frequency.

It is also assumed that this rigid mass loads each isolator in accordance with the weight distribution as a lump mass at each location. This assumption is false.

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Just as in the isolation of structural floors from machinery, the selection of a practical deflection is dependent on the sensitivity or rigidity of the structure and the various resonances of the structural elements. A lightly loaded structural floor might have a frequency as high as 7 Hz and fully loaded, 3 Hz. The frequency of the steel columns resting on the isolators might be very much higher. Concrete structures will transmit structurally induced noise over very large distances from the source with almost no attenuation.

We recently extended our own office building and some demolition was required. The construction workers were using small chipping hammers about feet from my office.

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There was no air-borne sound transmission, but the structure-borne noise radiating from the ceiling made it seem like they were directly overhead. In mechanical isolation work we have found that when isolating vibration at frequencies as high as Hz, we have had to use air springs with a response of 3 Hz before the isolation was effective as the vibration was in the audible noise range.

Moving on to lower speed machinery at 30 Hz, we have had to use isolators with a response as low as 2 Hz a frequency ratio of 15 to 1 before we could solve the problem.

We have been involved in a number of jobs where the acoustician recognized that not only did the building not respond as one mass, but that the requirements for isolation varied in different parts of the structure.

The ground vibration dissipated with distance from the source, so lesser treatment would be satisfactory further from the railroad. In one application, the building contained office space, a cinema and a live theater. The rest was a plaza over a garage. The critical area was supported on spring mountings with a response of 3.

In another example, that portion of the building over the railroad tracks was supported on 2. Further away spring deflections were smaller and the frequency 3. The extreme areas were supported on 6.

While steel spring isolators do an excellent job of stopping vibration, it is very important that high frequency noise transmission is considered too.

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Spring mountings can be manufactured to any capacity. However, it is generally not practical to go to these numbers as the horizontal stiffness of the spring drops in proportion to the vertical and the building becomes more responsive to wind loads.

vibration isolator for fcu installation

The consideration of specified deflection, and when this specified deflection occurs, is of major importance as it controls the isolation performance.Technical Support:.

The adverse effects of vibration, shock and noise disturbances range from simple annoyances to shortened equipment life, and can negatively affect performance, reliability, comfort and safety of your equipment. Our customizable portfolio of LORD Elastomeric Mounts and Bushings provide simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions to isolate vibration and shock, accommodate motion, and decrease noise. Vibration isolators, properly applied, will improve your products.

They will operate more smoothly and quietly, and they will be less disturbing to surrounding equipment and personnel, less susceptible to damage and less expensive to make. Elastomeric vibration isolators provide cost-effective solutions to problems involving vibration, shock and structural noise control. LORD Corporation vibration isolators set the standard for compact, high-load, high-capacity anti-vibration mounts.

They are designed to support and protect equipment in all types of industrial applications. LORD offers many standard products to meet most applications as well as custom-designed vibration isolators or a combination of LORD products.

LORD Corporation's vibration and noise control experts can analyze your individual requirements and provide the most effective and affordable product solutions. To learn more, view our products listed below or download our Industrial Parts Catalog. The theory and concepts for elastomeric vibration isolators are relatively straightforward.

A great many of the applications are uncomplicated, and the non-specialist can handle them directly. However, some vibration and shock control problems are quite complex, making component selection and design complicated.

These more complex applications require the involvement of specialist in order to arrive at suitable recommendations and LORD has a technical staff available to assist you. Learn more about Vibration, Shock, and Motion Control. Surface-Effect Mounts combine surface-effect damping principles with traditional rubber-bonded-to-metal technology.

The result is a soft mount capable of providing effective damping over large deflections and a wide range of frequencies. Travel is limited in both directions by rubber in compression that provides snubbing.

Fluidlastic TM Mounts combine rubber and fluids to provide vibration isolation and noise reduction measurably better than conventional mounts.View larger image. Vibration Isolator Rubber Hanger Hot sale products. Hot sale in. Contact Supplier. Product Details. Company Profile. Quick Details. Place of Origin: Guangdong, China. Packaging Details Paper carton Port Guangzhou.

Online Customization. RH rubber hangers are designed to isolate the transmission of audible frequency vibration and noise by suspended equipments, piping and ductwork systems. Rubber hangers may be selected where first cost must be minimized. The frames are powder coated to ensure excellent performance of anti-corrosion. The typical application includes fan coil unit, air handling units, fans and blowers, ducting and piping, etc.

The rubber elements can be used without steel frames for the same applications where supported from the below. The projecting bushing shall be cut in this case. Powder coated mild steel frame. Color coded rubber elements. Cast in steel disc in rubber element.

Allow 30 degree misalignment. No steel to steel contact on rubber elements. Rated Capacity Range. Rated Deflection. Dimension mm. Rubber elements have similar straight line deflection curves.

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You May Like. Not exactly what you want? Related Searches : high quality rubber isolator vibration isolation rubber.Architectural isolation decoupling of flooring systems to prevent impact and structure-borne noise transfer into and out of the space can be achieved through the use of architectural acoustic materials. Vibro-Band is used as an antivibration intermediate band between base skirting boards and the floating wooden floors.

It prevents the passage of sound and vibration through the skirt. It is an neccessary accessory in wooden nailed floors, when used with the antivibration mounts Vibro-FM or Vibro-FS in order to prevent lateral transmitted vibrations. VIBRO-EP is an antivibration elastic pad for the vibration control of air-compressors, air conditioning units, pumps, fans, generator sets, cutting machines and more. It is easy to install and suitable for large loads.

May be used in multiple layers with the use of a steel plate in between the layers in order to reduce the natural frequency. VIBRO-FM Floor pad isolator has been developed to reduce the impact noise of wooden floors and offers improved sound insulation of light partitions. Can be used in domestic or commercial applications.

vibration isolator for fcu installation

Ideal for reducing the noise from tranferring from the upper level of a space to the lower level. It is primarily used in gymnasiums, dancing halls, basketball courts but can also be used in domestic applications. VIBRO-JR is a jack up anti-vibration rubber mount with Regufoam for residential, commercial and industrial applications including raising concrete floating floors.

It consists of a metal shell, that contains the anti-vibration polyurethane elastomer Regufoam properly designed to absorb the vibrations. Ideal for floating floor in studios and very sensitive mechanical applications. Consists of a metal shell with a spring inside to absorb the vibrations. Easy to install and allows for height regulations.

VIBRO-SC is an anti-vibration wall connection used in order to add structural integrity of long and tall gypsum board walls, which are mounted on antivibration pads or based on a floating floor.

It prevents horizontal vibration transmission and sound-bridges in walls structures. Ideal when space is limited between the isolated wall between the isolated wall and the main building structure as it is only 40mm wide.

VIBRO-WB is an anti-vibration wall brace that prevents horizontal vibration transmission and sound-bridges in walls structures. It creates a floating wall as it isolates the wall from the building structure. Commonly used for music studios, home cinemas and acoustically sensitive areas. It prevents the transmission of vibrations and sound bridges. It can be used in recording or rehearsal studio applications, or wherever a floating wall is required. Installed on floor or ceiling metal profiles in correspondace with the c-studs or it can also be installed unified.

Free spaces must be filled with sound absorption material. Search for:. Home About Us Products Products. Acoustical Furniture. Contact Us.

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